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spots on the cheetah.
Slowly getting my #thighgap back. 👍👌😎❤️
Good morning from the brothers from different mothers. Sugar Pie & Z2. 💙 #blackcats

@diazdilya: ✌️

@amandapf: Life’s so hard!!

onlycummytoes asked: do ppl in texas think jesus was a cowboy? im frm london i dont know sorry xx

I don’t believe in “Jesus”.. I don’t know about if other people do or not though. Sorry. Xo

Skillets.  🍳🍩
Awwwwwww. 😍

Anonymous asked: Omg suck cute feet, I just came over them, please can you suck your own toes or make a gif wiggling your toes x

Oh lawd. I probably won’t be making a video or gif of my toes. Sorry. 💋 xo

iamalwaysboredfuck asked: So hot

Thank you :) xo