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spots on the cheetah.
Mamas girl. 💕
I’m such a good driver. Lol not. Almost killed everyone on the road in coleman. 😂 #oops.
3 month progress. ❤️💪
Because Saturday I had a perfect day trip with a perfect girl! @hillarysosa32 💕🚗💨🐱🐱

& well because out of a million selfies I couldn’t just pick one to post. 💁
Tulip loves her mamas. 🌷💕




The 50 reasons to love Fall:

1) No need to worry about squeezing into a bathing suit

2) Pro Football- even on Monday nights!

3) The smell of fresh rain

4) Jumping in piles of leaves

5) Pumpkin patches

6) New fall fashions

7) Picking fresh apples


Anonymous asked: just jacked off over u


yeah-bitch-funyuns asked: Well if you would ever like to do a cam show let me know! Id be interested in one for sure

Okay. Hahah just watch and see if I post something about camming. 😘xo

Anonymous asked: You have such pretty Eyes and bright face besides other sexy things ;p keep it up

Thank you so much. 💋 xo